Our Solution

Who are we ?

Our history

The idea

"We want to allow everyone to find their secure location for their micro mobility"

The start of the path

We have been supported and accompanied, from the start, by the Start'HEP incubator.

Shazpark, it's official!

At the end of 2021, we created Shazpark, a company whose mission is to improve and facilitate access to secure parking for personal micromobility.


The Shazpark Platform is designed to allow anyone to find and offer a secure location for bicycles and scooters.

Our values

Safety for all

We believe that security is the best way to allow everyone to have a good and pleasant experience. The rules of the Shazpark platform are there to allow maximum security.

The sharing

We believe that sharing is an enrichment for the person who receives as for the person who gives, which is why we focus on the sharing of secure locations for micro mobility.

The respect

Respect for others is respect for yourself

Respect improves and will always improve the relationship between us. Respect for everyone, regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic.

Our mission

Improve, facilitate and secure the daily lives of micro-mobility users by providing them with a unique parking experience through our platform and our services.

We want to allow as many people as possible to benefit from a secure location for micro mobility thanks to a plural and varied offer.

Our vision

"Park as you move,
wherever you are,
whenever you want”

For every trip you make with your scooter, bike, or cargo bike, you need to be able to find a location that's safe, easy to get to, and close to your destination.

With Shazpark, you won't leave your bike or scooter on the street anymore.

Our Direction

The Shazpark company wants to facilitate access to secure parking for micro mobility, so that everyone can find a spot, anywhere, anytime.

We allow Professionals, Public Actors and Individuals to offer secure locations, so that we can all make safer journeys.