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Professionnels : Devenez un Point d’accueil micro mobilité!

Professionals: Become a micro-mobility reception point!

All companies can position themselves and act for their locality by becoming a micro-mobility reception point. 


Thanks to digitization and the digital revolution, new habits are emerging, this is also the case for companies which organize themselves, for example, as a relay point and which, thanks to new technologies, allow people to proximity, to benefit from a parcel recovery service, whereas this service is of a different nature to the traditional activity of the professional.

This phenomenon is explained by the desire of professionals to play a more important role within their locality. The services provided by professionals can be diverse and varied. The new service offered brings value to the company and the locality in which they are located, which makes it possible to satisfy and surprise regular customers, but also to reach new customers by gaining more visibility.



Shazpark Service


With Shazpark you can, as a professional, offer a new service, by becoming a micro mobility reception point, generate additional income and allow your locality to be a little safer and greener.


To become a micro-mobility reception point:


You need to start by registering :

With registration Google and Facebook you will be registered in 1 click.


– Fill in the various details of your ad :

La ou les micro mobilités que vous souhaitez accueillir,  la nature de l’emplacement (intérieur, extérieur couvert, extérieur non couvert), les dates et heures de disponibilités etc ..


Do a final check and publish your ad

All you have to do is wait for your first customers. 



Tous les membres de la plateforme sont tenus au respect du Règlement de Shazpark se trouvant dans les différentes mentions légales, que ce soit les personnes  qui s’engagent à sécuriser une micro mobilité ou les personnes déposant leur micro mobilité at a private home or directly in store with a professional.


Simulate the price of a secure location and/or your potential future income with our Simulator accessible on Shazpark.com


With Shazpark you make your locality a little safer and a little more environmentally friendly.

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