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Comment trouver un stationnement sécurisé pour sa micro mobilité avec Shazpark?

How to find secure parking for your micro mobility with Shazpark?

It is difficult, if not almost impossible, when we have a bicycle, a cargo bike or a scooter, to leave our means of mobility in the city feeling at ease. 

The hoops and various solutions deployed are often insufficient solutions to enable everyone to secure their micro-mobility. 

Collective parking for micro mobility seems to be a solution, but it does not have all the attributes of a secure 100% space. 



Shazpark Service 


Shazpark offers a tailor-made solution to the problem of secure parking for bicycles, cargo bikes and scooters. 

Finding parking for your micro mobility has never been easier.

The Shazpark platform allows everyone to find secure parking in three clicks:


You just need to register

With registration Google and Facebook you will be registered in 1 click. 


You geo locate yourself :

By pressing the geolocation button 


– Finally press Search

To find your location, near where you want to go.

You will find a location suggested by one of the users of the platform, whether with an individual (Shazparker) or with a professional (Shazparker Pro). Micro-mobility reception points are accessible from the platform to allow everyone easy access to secure parking.


Find the closest micro mobility reception point to your location or destination with Shazpark!



All members of the platform are required to comply with the Shazpark Regulations found in the various legal notices, whether they are people who undertake to secure a micro mobility or people depositing their micro mobility at a private home or directly in store with a professional.


Simulate the price of a secure location and/or your potential future income with our Simulator accessible on Shazpark.com


With Shazpark you make your locality a little safer and a little more environmentally friendly.


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