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Shazpark un service qui rémunère!

Shazpark a service that pays!

Whether you are an individual or a professional, you can take advantage of the Shazpark platform to benefit from additional income. 

You have the opportunity, today, to participate in the development of parking for micro mobility and generate additional income, by publishing a simple ad to accommodate a bike, a cargo bike, a scooter or why not all three. 


Shazpark Service


The Shazpark service is based on hand delivery, ie you are responsible for the micro mobility received from the moment you receive it until the moment you return it to its owner.

To ensure that you generate the most profits possible, you must offer a service of impeccable quality and carefully follow the Rules of Shazpark, found in the various legal notices. 

The remuneration you can expect depends on the location of your location and the quality of your service. 

As a professional, you can, by joining the platform and offering a location service for micro mobility, offer an additional service to your customers or reach new customers who would be interested in a secure location, in addition to benefiting of your products or services.



To propose a location for micro mobility:


You need to start by registering :

With registration Google and Facebook you will be registered in 1 click.


– Fill in the various details of your ad :

The micro-mobility(ies) you wish to accommodate, the nature of the pitch (indoor, covered outdoor, uncovered outdoor), the dates and times of availability, etc.


Do a final check and publish your ad

All you have to do is wait for your first customers. 



All members of the platform are required to comply with the Shazpark Regulations found in the various legal notices, whether they are people who undertake to secure a micro mobility or people depositing their micro mobility at a private home or directly in store with a professional.


Simulate the price of a secure location and/or your potential future income with our Simulator accessible on Shazpark.com


With Shazpark you make your locality a little safer and a little more environmentally friendly.

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