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Plus de développement pour la micro mobilité

More development for micro mobility

Micro mobility seems to be the ideal solution for getting around cities.

Scooters, bikes and cargo bikes allow you to get around easily, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of a real vehicle.

More and more cities, in Europe and around the world, are investing massively to improve the lives of micro mobility users. This trend must be accentuated and generalized to all cities, to allow everyone to benefit from a safe, accessible and green means of transport .


More micro mobility in town


The place taken by cars in cities tends to decrease due to many factors which can be material factors (the cost of maintaining a vehicle, the price of gasoline, etc.) or even moral factors ( like the desire to pollute less and adopt more responsible travel or favor a more active solution), whatever the case, the trend is clear and is moving towards greener solutions

Users of micro mobility are increasingly numerous and especially in urban centers thanks to cycle routes and other structures that allow the use of these new types of mobility.

The cities and other actors, such as companies, associations and individuals have a role to play in enabling everyone to travel more safely, which is an essential element, to allow anyone to move around in complete peace of mind.


Secure parking with Shazpark 


Parking for micro mobility can only be a simple arch.

Today, the need to move safely from the beginning to the end of a journey is essential for everyone and micro mobility is an exceptional tool to save time, money and pollute less.


You still need to know where to leave your vehicle..


With Shazpark, you have the possibility of finding parking for your micro mobility with a professional or private individual. Micro-mobility reception points are accessible from the platform to allow everyone easy access to secure parking.


Find the closest micro mobility reception point to your location or destination with Shazpark!




All members of the platform are required to comply with the Shazpark Regulations found in the various legal notices, whether they are people who undertake to secure a micro mobility or people depositing their micro mobility chez un particulier ou directement en magasin chez un professionnel .


Simulate the price of a secure location and/or your potential future income with our Simulator accessible on Shazpark.com


Avec Shazpark vous rendez votre localité un peu plus sûre et un peu plus respectueuse de l’environnement.


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