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Le stationnement au service de la mobilité ?

Parking at the service of mobility?

Parking is an essential element of mobility, the rise of the car has been accompanied by the rise of car parks, so what will the future of parking look like for micromobility?

Parking is a fundamental variable for the development of micromobility personal, theUsers of micro mobility must benefit from secure solutions for parking their personal micro mobility.


Shazpark, security by the community


Shazpark's desire is to allow anyone to offer micro mobility parking, so that everyone can find a location anywhere, anytime.

We believe that we all have a role to play, professionals and individuals alike.

The safe secure location can now be accessed with Shazpark.


Find your secure location


During your parking search, you can filter the possibilities offered to you using various criteria such as the place of your destination, the type and duration of parking (per hour, per half-day, per day ), the dates, the drop-off times for your micro mobility, the pick-up times for your micro mobility, the type of micro mobility you wish to park (scooter, bicycle, cargo bike) or even the need to recharge the battery or not. micro mobility during parking time. All these search criteria allow the user to find the safe location tailored to his micro mobility.


You can reserve pitches with professionals or private individuals who will pick up your mobility at the meeting place to keep it while you park.


Simply suggest a location


During your Location Proposal, you must indicate criteria such as the location of your location, the environment close to your location (is there a train station, public transport, a commercial area, cultural spaces close your location?), the nature of your location (is the location indoors, outdoors but covered, outdoors and not covered?), the type of micro mobility you wish to accommodate at you (scooter, bike, cargo bike), whether or not you can charge micro mobility during the parking time, the type of parking time (per hour, per half-day, per day), the minimum parking time , the dates, the micro mobility drop-off and pick-up times, the parking price(s).


By offering a secure location for micro mobility, whether you are a professional or an individual, you will be able to benefit from additional income simply by posting an ad and accepting reservation requests.



All members of the platform are required to comply with the Shazpark Regulations found in the various legal notices, whether they are people who undertake to secure a micro mobility or people depositing their micro mobility with an individual (Shazparker) or with a professional (Shazparker Pro).



Simulate the price of a secure location and/or your potential future income with our Simulator accessible on



With Shazpark you make your locality a little safer and a little greener.


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