The environment
with Shaz Park

Cleaner cities

Less Co²

The respect of environment

Cleaner cities

Make cities a little cleaner with Shazpark.

Cities are the places where there is the most concentration of people and also the most pollution, but the shift towards cleaner cities is already happening.

Finding or proposing a location for micro mobility allows you to participate in a sustainable solution that benefits everyone.

You can allow your neighborhood to benefit from greener solutions through secure locations for micro-mobilities and receive remuneration.

A more connected and greener city thanks to the locations of Shazaparkers (Individuals) and Shazparkers Pro (Professionals).

Less Co²

Shazpark positions itself on the side of micro mobility users for less Co².

More mobility and less emissions, it is possible with Shazpark, thanks to all the users who contribute to a healthier and greener environment by offering a secure place for a microphone.

Recharging micro mobility is an important feature of the Shazparker and Shazparker pro offer, as it allows greater comfort and peace of mind for Riders (the person looking for a place) while respecting the environment

The respect of environment

Respect for the environment is central to Shazpark's business.

The preservation of the environment begins today and there are no small gestures because the sum of small gestures causes big changes.

We want future generations to enjoy the best possible quality of life and we want to contribute with all those who want to participate in making our environments cleaner and more sustainable.

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