Secure parking
for your

Take advantage of our solutions!

A secure platform

Access secure parking spaces, shared by professionals and individuals that can accommodate your scooter, bicycle and cargo bike.

Book your place in advance or instantly, from the Shazpark platform.

You will receive a confirmation message once your reservation request has been accepted.

Flexible parking that adapts to your needs

Find and reserve a secure location in real time, close to your position or destination.

Whatever micromobility you use, you are free to park for an hour, half a day, a day or a night without subscription conditions.

Park with peace of mind!

A Service that pays you

Generate additional income by hosting a bicycle, scooter or cargo bike depending on the space you have and the micro mobility you want to accommodate in your home if you are an individual or in your workplace if you are a professional.

Join a trusted 100% community dedicated to micro mobility.

Contribute to a safer environment and a greener world.

Access to electric charging for your mobility

Recharge your micro mobility anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the available offer, you can benefit from recharging your vehicle when you park.

Whether it's for a scooter, a bicycle or a cargo bike, remember to look carefully at the ads for
park and recharge.


Shazboxes are Shazpark's connected furniture to facilitate access to always secure parking.

This connected furniture solution allows Cities, Companies and Condominiums to benefit from an easy, connected and secure solution.

Shazboxes allow you to benefit from a tailor-made offer whether for public or private use.

Greener Solutions

san francisco, woman, electric bike-6950837.jpg

Find and book parking for your scooter, bike or cargo bike.

Contribute to a safer environment and a greener world by providing a secure location for micro mobility.

Generate additional income by hosting a micro mobility at your home or workplace.

Be part of a trusted community dedicated to micro-mobility parking.

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