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community safety

The responsibility

Respect for all

community safety

Make cities safer with Shazpark.
Cities are the places where there are the most thefts, breakages and insecurity of all kinds.

Protecting each other, by welcoming micro mobility at your home or at your workplace, it is possible with Shazpark.

Finding or proposing a location for micro mobility allows you to participate in a sustainable solution that benefits everyone.

You can allow your neighborhood to benefit from secure locations for micro mobility and receive remuneration.

A more connected and safer city thanks to the locations of Shazaparkers (Individuals) and Shazparkers Pro (Professionals).

The responsibility

Shazpark offers matching services with the aim of improving parking conditions for micro mobility users.

Rules of know-how, know-how and know-how are established to allow users to have a pleasant experience without surprises.

Shazpark users are all required to behave irreproachably, as mentioned in the Shazpark Charter, under penalty of being denied access to the platform and or prosecuted if the facts are of particular gravity.

Leave your micro mobility with someone who can keep it in a safe place

Respect for all

Respect for people is an essential component of Shazpark's values.

We believe in multi-culturalism and are against any type of discrimination.

Compliance with the rules of the platform is an obligation that affects all Shazpark users. These rules are made to allow everyone to have an enjoyable, safe and peaceful experience.

Respect for people and rules directly improves safety.